November 28, 2013

It’s cold outside. It’s late. I have been away for a few days and I am on my way home, by train. The train I’m on is delayed because of the cold weather and we’re arriving to the platform with one minute to spare for my connecting train. If I miss it I will have to wait 59 minutes for the next. I have done it before. 50 meters on this platform. Up one level (stairs or escalators). 50 meters on a bridge. Stairs down to platform.
Only this time I ran to the stairs with my cabin bag tight behind me, kept the pace up the stairs. Only I didnt. I basically died. My breathing was alarming. The sound coming from me was out of this world. I couldnt put one foot before the other. The stairs were a lot like the famous one to Heaven. Somehow I made it upstairs. The walk on the bridge was alarmingly difficult. My legs was like wood logs. Or concrete. I took the escalator down to the platform. I dont remember how long time passed. But once I got to the platform I learned that the train too was delayed because of cold weather and I had maybe 7 minutes to spare. It took me half an hour to breath normal again and my throat was destroyed for a long time to come, from inhaling the ice cold air.
Something had to be done.
I’d just turned 41 and I couldn’t make it from one platform to another.

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