MOVEmber really has been NOvember

Staring November with a cold, making it impossible to run, forcing myself to stay calm and take it “easy” I was climbing the walls and actually crying. I was afraid I’d forget how to run. Afraid I wouldn’t be able to run again. This is how I before have quit really good habits. By getting sick. And this time I didn’t even have to be sick, if I only slept the weekends before… But work, training, trying to be social – it all ends up with not enough hours and I something had to give. I got sick in order to get some rest. The first week I went to work as usual, I logged my steps but didn’t run, on the Monday I had to stay home, and I stayed home all week. Unheard of really. But if it hadn’t been for my eagerness to get well and get back into my running shoes I would have gone back to work early. The past week I have been away, but never once felt up to running. No fever, but a sore throat that couldn’t be ignored. I have cried more than once, but then I decided to not let it get to me. My running habit is bigger than this, it’s bigger than a 3 weeks cold. I have spent little time in my new green house, but I have used it as meditation. Bringing one of my books and some rice & beans, fully dedicated to preparing for the winter season.

Today I felt better and decided to run/walk a little bit, only 3-4 km and I did. It was slow but it felt great. My legs were there all the way. My head got tired, and my throat ached, but f**k I did it. It was good.

November was supposed to be my MOVEmber, I had set up a record breaking goal on Runkeeper, a goal I now have to end by December 25 instead of November 25. But I’ll do it. I’m here to do it. I will continue. Starting this blog is another way of making it happen.

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