January 2014

We’re going on vacation. It’s nice and warm where we are heading. Bikini is the dresscode. I am searching the shops, just after the holidays, for a bikini. Everything looks too small, to revealing. I am aiming for one of those bathing suits that big women used to wear in the 50s, with a little skirt attached. I can’t find any. I don’t really want a bathing suit. I want to get a tan. Even my flabby tummy needs the sun. I get what I call a fatty bikini. Looks more like shorts and training top. It has to do.

Arriving at the paradise island I quickly realize that every item I have brought is too warm. There will never be a time for jeans. Or a hoodie. I’m too fat for this weather. I can’t hide in bulky clothing. Going to the local shops, trying to find a tent (dress) to cover up in I have to go into several boutiqes before I find a big amount of fabric with a hole for the head and two for the arms. It will do. Right there and then I get it. Even though I take my steps, think about my eating I need to step it up several notches.
And I do. I order the Striiv Play. A cute little pedeometer that connects to the app. This way I am not only counting steps when I have my iphone but all the time since I just pop it in my pocket or put it on my clothes. It counts steps, calories as well as stairs. It’s very accurate and we become great friends, me and my Play!

A colleague is counting steps as well, and the weight is melting off her bones. I find her very competitive and I am not sure I want to invite her into my secret. But I am so very happy that I do. It turns out she’s not at all competitive but very focused on her goal (aka lose weight) which turned out to be the best that happened for me. We raced each others using Striiv’s Walkathon and donated water to South America and we felt good!

Altogether, this is what I needed. I had to hit rock bottom to get a grip and get walking. I started with a daily goal of 7000 steps. Followed by 10000 steps and then 15000 steps. During the summer we sat the goal to 20000 steps. But both felt it was too much. When you walk 17000-20000 steps every day you really have to sacrifice something else. My colleague didn’t read as much as she usually did. I didn’t do as much gardening as I would have done (there’s no steps in weeding!!) and we both quit watching tv.

When my Play was drenched in sweat and died we completely lost the steps and we both still suffer from it.

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