December – inspiration

The theme for December will be inspiration. People and books (aka people really, only they wrote their story instead of telling me directly.

I will start with the game changer. The book that made me go plant based rather than lacto ovo as I have for 15 years or so. Actually, I havent eaten fish since the 80s…


Eat And Run by Scott Jurek made me not only want to run but made me believe I could run. And he guided me thru the food pattern too. I know it only too well. Dont eat enough for breakfast, small lunch, long-ish walk and sallad (aka lettuce and tomatos), always tired, never losing any weight. Feeling sorry for my self. Comfort myself with a jar of cookies. Or ice cream. Gone in seconds. No good. No real food. I have a disturbed connection to food. I dont really enjoy food. Not like others do. In the 90s I joined the weight watchers. My eyes were wide open for the first time. I became a lacto ovo vegetarian as result.

Scott Jurek takes it further. And he gets me interested in food again. The plant based burritos he’s eating. And peanut butter cookies at the finish lines. That is what it’s about. Good work and compliments. Loving it.

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