One of the things I used envy runners were that they could run everywhere. Just unpack their shoes and run. For 15 mins or hours. Easy.
I have done this now, four times. I’ve ran in four cities other than where I live, including Tokyo!
Yesterday, arriving to Horsens in north Denmark, I soon realised I forgot my thermal running jacket. Those are expensive and I sure dont need a second but I thought maybe I could find a cheap one on sale. Yeah right, weeks before xmas in high season… But I found a thermal vest from Danish Newline and decided it might come useful in the future. I’m not “pretty in pink” but hell, I’ll be visible!

Only now it’s 3 degree Celsius and raining. Lots. I will be soaked. Its difficult to just DO it, knowing this… But as I read in one of my inspiring books, you get wet. Then you are wet. So what?

I’m out of here!

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