Snow and shoes


Not sure about shoes and running and snow. Reading about it’s pretty clear I need different shoes for snow. Different from summer. Different from fall. Etc, you get it. I need plenty of shoes. I’m not a shoe girl. I’m a rocker. I have trainers and boots. And a a cheap pair of black Bagheera for walking. Then I started running and I added a pair of Green-ish Nikes. They broke and were returned and replaced with pinky Asics. And there there were snow. Sunday it started snowing. Tuesday morning I went running. Best ever. A white cover on the ground made it beautiful. I ran wednesday morning to “cause I could” and same for thursday. Thursday however we talked shoes in the Office. I logged on to and ordered the best shoes I’ve tried. A red and green pair of Salomon Cross traineer. Tomorrow is à rest day. And a melt day. That means I have to run in the morning – or I’ll have to wait for the snow next year…

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