Back on track


My friend A and I decided to go back to count steps again. It all ended when my Striiv Play broke due to sweat and we both struggled to get the numbers going again. We agreed on 18000 steps per day and I said 10000 on a rest day, or it wont be a rest day.

Today was our 2nd day and while I won yesterday (we still use since that’s the only app we found where we are able to go head to head). I use my Striiv Touch but A only use the app Walkathon (discontinued). So. Today was windy. I began with 12 h sleep. Losing lots of daylight. Walked 7k with my hubby. Ran 5k on my own followed by 40 mins of crosstrainer. 23.59 I took step no 18000.
Tomorrow we do it again ūüėÄ

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