Bye February Hello March

February was a comeback. After three weeks holiday in paradise I nerförd to get back on track running again. I wasnt sure I could. I felt that everything I’d done up til new years was gone. I gained weight over the holiday – not the holidays like everyone else – and I lost muscles. But the two goals I set up came tru. Running a combined 100 k + a minimum of 40 squats a day. I did, and I could feel my glutes and leg muscles again 🙂 4 weeks to comeback!

However… Saturday feb 28 also put an end to running for a while. My left knee is over exhausted and need to rest. Hello March and start walking! Lucky me I signed up for #100kStepsHerbieChallenge and we’re off walking!

Sunday was cold, windy and rainy – but my boots were made to walk in and my jacket is weather proof 👍

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