Running Like a Girl by Alexandra “Hemmo” Heminsley

I never thought a book about running would make me cry. Never. But “Running Like aFeatured image Girl” was straight forward, ups and downs, overcoming fears and believe me; Alexandra Heminsley is a normal woman. She doesn’t even consider her an athlet, but she is a runner – and she made me cry telling about her runs and marathons.Most of the book is her story and the final part is the history of (american) female runners + a list of injuries, packing list for a race, for a run etc. I didn’t really like the title of the book, and I almost didn’t buy it because of it but it makes sense, in a positive way.Most of the everyday things you just have to accept – like a the hot pink details on women’s running clothes… I mean, c’mon… ho pink?????!!!

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