Half marathon. 

I started to believe I could do anything now. I didn’t hurt. I was doing well. 

I made my route in Runkeeper, taking me for a  21K run, beginning and finishing at home. I had only seen this route on the computer. Never been on those small roads before, I had to look at the map already after 2K, not knowing where to go. I went too far, missed turns and was very frustrated, knowing I’d exceed the 21K but not knowing any other way back home than to follow my route. After 19K my iPhone was down to 11% battery or something like that. I’d switched off the music before that – not knowing my way home without the google maps I did everything to save battery. In the end I did 26K or so, but ended up walking the last 4K. Very upset and very tired. 

The weekend after I did it again and only had to watch the map twice, having something like 40% battery left coming home again. I did this once more before I got a throat infection that never gave up. 

Expect a comeback in 2015!

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