And everything changes…

Less than a month ago Goose Wohlt saw a video on youtube and after that things nerver been the same again.  Chickpea brine turns into meringues. Sounds like a joke and I didn’t believe it myself. The great vegan baker Karolina Tegelaar was the one that made me aware of something happening. I found the FB-group Vegan Meringue – Hits and Miss and from Day 1 I was hooked. There were evidence of a break tru in the category of man walking on moon, airplanes and the greatness of Ian Gillan. I started whisking chickpea brine from a tetra (paper, not can) and added sugar and it worked. It freaking worked. I never been too found of meringues but I love the beautiful french cousin, the Macaroon. I must admitt I never thought I’d go back into making them again after becoming vegan and here I am. Whisking away. Fantastic!!

How to do it?

Plain vegan meringue

100 ml chickpea brine

200 ml sugar

Whisk brine in a machine or use an electric whisk, as it turns white add a little sugar. Keep adding a little sugar over 10-15 mins. When you can form peaks it’s done.

Pipe meringues and bake for 1h45mins in the oven, heated to 90C.

Goose will update his blog, Vegan Cookery with all the info possible!

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