image Kafferep – vegan style


In Sweden we dont have afternoon tea, we have kafferep. I have no idea where the name comes from, but it has to do with drinking coffee, the name suggest coffee rope or coffee rehersal. Doesnt make sense. Coffee is a big thing but indulging in baked sweets is even bigger. It should be like 7 different kinds of dry cookies, cinnamon buns, a swiss roll and a princess or other cream cake. I love baking but since I restyled my life and became a plant based Runner, cookies and cakes have no place in my life. Except bread. I bake all bread myself. Even hamburger bread. And crisp bread. And cardemon knots. It’s a must have.

So, making meringue available I suddenly opened Pandoras Box again and I wanted to bake! I wanted to go crazy and when our neighbors asked if they could see my Green house I said “yes of course, and please stay for some coffee, say Friday afternoon?” And I went bezerk. Vegan truffles, adzuki bean brownie, crisp bread with cheezly and tomato marmelade, sort of cardemon French macaroons, cardemon knots and my very first attempt on Lemon Meringue Pie.

Now, I think that’s amazing! My guests however werent that impressed. They didnt get the fantastic thing with it all being plant based. But heck, I impressed my self. And I ate too much. Back to training on Monday. Or Thursday.

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