i sat like this for over an hour

Almost a year after aiming for my first 5k I finnished 33,3k. It’s the longest I ever run and I am delighted to say I survived. I meant to run 34k as that’s what they say you need to run before entering a marathon. No longer than that, the remaining 8k will be done by sheer willpower. However, I didn’t know I would run so far when I set out in the moring, the temperature was 22C and I brought my belt with two bottles of water infused with electrolytes, one RawBite and my very first gel, a vegan lemonflavoured with caffein by Clif.

I ran my now usual 24k trail and when 15k was called for by Runkeeper as well as the buzz in my Garmin Forerunner 225 I was playing with the thought of stopping and turning back the same way – to ensure 30k. The goal I set fir myself this summer. After setting this goal I was however told that the magic number is 34. The number of k you do before running a marathon. Yes, I thought you kept pounding 42 over and over again, but nope. First time you do that will be at the marathon. Interesting.

I didn’t turn around but kept running. I was saving my water. I took the gel in small bits over 1 km or so and felt a real rush. My legs seemed lighter and I ran my quickest k!

Coming back to my village I still felt good and took a turn in another direction to make the run a little bit longer. My water was gone and the temperature was now 26C. I ran home at 27k for a pitstop. I flushed my head in the sink with cold water. Drank a litre of water. Downed yet a gel (raspberry, no caffein), filled my bottles and headed back out. I took my 10k trail and ran slowly. I was hurting but was ok. Now, a day after, I think I should have just done the 10k to be sure but I turned where I thought it was halfways and came back home, shy of 700m. I couldn’t move one more step.

I guess I will have to do it again.

Cooling down wasn’t easy. I drank a lot. A lot. And took a long soak in the pool to provent myself from burning. I’d used sunscreen but of course it came off my face with the sweat. I had a “breakfast” by the pool with my feet stuck in the cool water working miracles. A few blisters. Nothing too serious. It won’t kill me 🙂

For dinner, later, I had four vegan burgers in front of two episodes of The Great British Bake Off before going to bed.

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