image My gear

Never ever did I believe I would say anything about “my gear” and it didn’t have anything to do with baking, or writing. Haha. But here it is. My gear. My running ‘far but not fast’ gear.  

Making it all possible, my Asics Kayasan Gel 22 (21 was my first model), they were once glistering white. Then we have a Ultimate Direction belt signed Scott Jurek with two bottles. I fill them with water and electrolytes (Resorb Sport). For my half way pick up I bring a Raw Bite or similar. For my 33,3km I brought a gel for the very first time. I bought Lemon from Clif and I have ordered some more from Lipbalm is mandatory with the sun, sand, wind and sweat. This is my favorite, Lypsyl Sport. And then, of course, my iphone 5s with Runkeeper. I used to have the phone on my arm but since voice control kept starting, hence making me very angry, wasting energy on tech whilst running is stupidity – I now keep it in the pocket of the hydration belt. Not on the photo; my Forerunner 225, making it all so much more fun 🙂

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