The rockstars of running


  I have met the rockstars of running, the ultra marathoners!! And not the regular ultra on a flat surface – not even the trail version – but the Kullamnnen ultra in Kullaberg, located in South Sweden. It’s a rough track including miles of rocks and climbing and upwards more than onwards. And then you’re going down – and after that do it two more times!

What I have learned from all the books I have read is the “giving it back” and I thought about helping out at this local race. Not really knowing what it’s about – except, it’s too difficult for me. I run on roads and trails, but not really difficult trails, I am too afraid of getting lost. Kullamannen is definitely qualified as “difficult”, hence not for me. But helping out is fun and much more inspiring than I would have imagined. I don’t regret it. But afterwards. When it all was over and my chief marshall told me they’d like to give me something back I was far too quick saying I want to run next year. Lol. High as a kite on other runners adrenaline. Didn’t know it was possible!!

But something about ultra is sooooo appealing. Like blood to vampires. Hummos to pitabread. 

I want it. 

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