Not so lazy Sunday

Yesterday I had the most strange experience. You’d say I shocked my self, and I still have no good explanation.Since volunteering at the Kullamannen trail I have been obsessed by conquering the mountain. And I knew the first step would have to be be running up to the Lighthouse and back down, using the road. I used the 5km as warm-up, weird sensation really. Not being that tired.

A) Five kilometers.

B) Not tired.

C) Doesn’t sound like me.

Anyway, running over to the foot of the mountain (it’s not really a mountain, but it makes it sound like what it is to me), where I was stationed last weekend I started running upwards, realizing I wouldn’t be able to run, I would have to walk. And I wouldn’t be able to run down either but waking instead. I decided to run along the mountain, using the trails (basically hilly forest) towards the village I usually pass on my 22 and 30 km runs. It felt good. I followed the red square markers and the sun was shining thru the fall leaves. Very zen. Until I reached some kind of end. No more markers, only a gate letting me know I’d cross the fields where cows are hanging out. I couldn’t really check the map on Runkeeper, cause it wouldn’t do me any good, it’s trails. Really. I ran thru the field and found a map by the cottage telling me I probably was close to the village I was heading towards, but it all depended on where I was. Some one had removed the marker and added new ones, more than one. Nice guys!!

Anyway, I could see Sunday walkers going to their cars and I figured the street would lead to my usual path/large street. And eventually it did. Only, I was so much closer to where I started than I had liked to be I decided to run the 30k instead of turn right further ahead and head back for the 22k. Which would be sensible. I’d already ran 12k… But I didn’t know how far I usually ran by this point of the road. And once again Runkeeper was no help. Or more precisely, iPhone was no help since the battery was down to 50% already.

Another 10k further down this very long road, the sun hides in the clouds on it’s way down and it’s getting cold and darker. I know I have at least 15k left before I’m home. I am not dressed for road running in traffic. I have little to no reflectives on me, and my sweat wet clothes are cold as ice. My water is finished too. I send a text message to my hubby to pick me up. I have never done it before. Never having to quit a run. He calls me back to ask exactly where I am and all I can say is “straight ahead” before the battery dies.

We finish the run by car. I contemplate a new run as we pass my right turn for the 30km. At the end of the road is a new built bicycle lane, all separated from the main traffic and with lights. As soon as I get home – after removing the wet clothes and drinking a gallon of water – I take out Runkeeper on my MacBook and draw the route. My new route is 38k.

I get all exited. I think, if I add some tweaks to it it’ll be 42k and I could ask runners from the neighborhood to come running with me on Christmas eve or New Years eve or something like that. Everyone could start wherever they want to and run all of it or parts of it and we’d feel great!!

But seriously. I have no idea what happened. Why did I think 22k was “to short”?? Why did I have to go on? Since when is half a marathon not long enough? I really scared myself.

Over and out.

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