Goodbye 2015 – hello 2016

2015 was amazing. I lost my race virginity and ran both a half and a full marathon. While the half was okay and almost fun and triggered me to apply for a full marathon only 3 weeks later. But the full marathon wasn’t fun nor okay. But I realized a few things about myself, for example
– I love running far
– I hate running in traffic.
– I think race marshals should cheer for everyone, specially those who has been running for a very long time.
– I don’t look like a runner
– I look like a sack of hay. Or coal. Or dirty laundry.
– I look like a sack of dirty laundry while running.
– I am not photo genetic during a race
– While running I think of so much to write, but I don’t remember it afterwards.
– I am lazy.

It could be quite challenging saying I am lazy. I have run at least 100 km every month during the past year (except maybe January and February) . But when I say I am lazy I mean, I find my comfort zone and I stay there. I don’t aim to run faster – not as long as the upcoming race is in my tempo I’ll be fine. All I want is to a) finish within the given time and b) not be the last over the finish line.

At the end of the year I treated myself with a PT, a personal trainer. He’s military and has muscles and a sweet dog that loves fetching rubber bands you use for training. He also chuckles when I am trying to do everything he tells me to do and I am beyond dead. Anyhow. The Husband is chuckling when he has to help me out of bed the morning after. It’s a win-win. I will not look like a sack of dirty laundry when running. My knees, back and stomach will carry me miles after miles while I am dreaming of the stuff I dream of.

Usually it’s the self esteem I get from running. From managing something not everyone does. I smile when people are telling me everything they are doing this weekend and I know I don’t have to do THAT because I am going for a long run and then maybe sit in the sauna, or bath tub. Feeling the soar muscles, the beaten feet. Counting my toenails. I lost impressive five (5) nails during 2015. That made me feel like a runner at first but a loser later on when people turned their heads and shifting shades to purple seeing by feet in sandals. Had to hide them in boots all summer. Now I have bigger, wider shoes.

Something else I have learned this past year is that I really don’t care what people think. I wear the most weird (but very sensible and comfortable) items in public. I have run past people on holiday eating ice cream and drinking cocktails while I have been wearing tights and a belt with bottles of liquid, sweat pouring out of me. I have discussed energy gels with strangers and seriously I have had a camel back. In public. Oh, and I was wearing tights on a regular train, going to Copenhagen for the half marathon. And I talked to REAL runners as if I was worthy… most fun must have been running in Roppogni, Tokyo at 5am when people were still partying..,

So, what’s up for 2016 you wonder? Well, lets start the next segment of my running life. I will start the race season (no, I can’t say that with a straight face) with the first ever Swedish vegan race. The long distance is 12 km. I will do that in May. In June I will go further – 50 km is on the agenda. My very first ultra marathon. I have told more than 10 people about this. It will happen. I will at least give it a serious shot. Depending how this goes I will attempt on a 90km in August. I think the time limit is 15 hours and it may be all together crazy. Or it might happen. We’ll see. I’ll keep writing here.

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