As it is now I run 5 or 7 km every weekday morning before breakfast. Usually I get out about 04.30 – 04.45 and run for about 30-60 mins depending on when I have to be at work. After breakfast and shower. Feeding the cats. Reading some pages in the morningpaper as well as brewing some strong black tea with Oatly´s iKaffe (oatmilk that is better than any milk you ever tried) + making two sandwiches to go I try to be in the car at 06.30. I wish I could make this transit much quicker but I have tried and I always ends up having to buy a mascara at 7 eleven because I forgot to put some on. Or the time I had my (dirty) garden jacket on instead of the black jacket my office meeting demanded. It takes me 70 – 100 mins driving to the office. Taking train and bus is slower at 120 – 150 mins. One way. 8 hours at work. I wish I could say I am standing up by my desk, never using the comfy chair – but I’m not and I am. I try to get out for at least a short 10 mins walk every lunch but more often than rarely I don’t have the time but go straight to work after a quick lunch of beans and rice (usually left overs).

My weak spot is during the drive home. I need a snack not to fall asleep. Nuts, dates, figs… One thing about being vegan is that I never ever consider chocolate or regular sweets. Maybe liquorish (Swedish salt liquorish from Ramlösa Lakrits), but that should be a part of the nutrition charts really.

I’m usually home around 18.30 and have some dinner (tofu and noodles, rice and beans, lentil soup or similar), news on telly and then – off to bed at 21.30. It’s not ideal, but it’s what my life’s like. Once every other week I quit earlier and meet my PT at the gym. Usually I don’t run the day after… Also, once a week I go to bed closer to 20.00 just to get some real sleep. Saturday means cleaning the house, doing laundry and ordinary stuff like that. However it also means serious sleeping. Almost always 12 hours sleep. On Sunday I have a long run. It’s the highlight of the week. Haven’t had a real long run so far this year… Maybe this weekend?image

I have a “road map” for ultra marathon that I will start in a few weeks. I think I’ll start swimming again. I am not sure when I’ll find the time, but since I can’t seem to start with yoga again and I really feel the difference being more movable rather than stiff as all the running got me so far. I still need to lose weight. But I also read in one of the many books that it’s either or not both. Train for a marathon or lose weight. Do one, then the other. And I want to run. I will add weeks of counting calories again – it’s the most efficient way for me. But those rides home are killing any plan I may have. Oh well. I can see myself running those trails 50 km… and the vegan burger I will have afterwards. Hopefully someone will wait for me at the finish line and ask me a zillion questions. Hopefully my mom will follow me on the tracking system and cheer for me from home. Visualizing this makes me believe I can do it. Crazy or not. I am doing it for me – but I hope someone can be happy for me. After all, it’s special knowing someone believes in you too.

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