Spirit of the marathon part 1 and 2

  A while ago, when the husband was away, I had a marathon session in front of the tv. I only heard about the two movies on the No Meat Athleat podcast this fall and I spent quite some time locating them, having to import them from Amazon US. Anyway. The Husband doesn’t share my passion of people running, crying, acting like they’re mentally challenged (=enjoys running) etc so the videos has been lying around for some months. In defence of the husband, he did watch Running On The Sun with me. That’s when he claims to have proof of mentally challenged people running. We don’t always agree. 
Spirit of the Marathon is easy to fall in love with and if you don’t feel like put on your shoes and go out for a run (01 in the morning is no excuse) then you need to watch Spirit of the Marathon 2 where you meet a new set of runners, dreamers, believers, heros… Running On The Sun was far more crazy in every way and I couldn’t believe what I saw – inspiring to the extreme. They got me dreaming of ultra and I still do. 

Back to Marathon. Yes, watch it. Dream it. You don’t have to be extreme to run a marathon but it will change you. You will be different. Cause you did it. For whatever reason. You did it. And that speaks volumes about you. Just do it!!

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