I remember when travelling within work was the most exciting that could happen. Not any more. Had no time running this morning and I will be home too late for a run then. It’s officially a rest day. Please note I am a hostile rester 😕

February I will start my road map (I like that expression so much better than traning plan) for 50k in June. I do wonder if my boss will understand my dedication towards running… Seriously, a day like this could f**k it up big time. But yeah, yes, right, I only do it for the fun 🙂

But my job – or rather the driving to/from the office (3-4 hours every day is spent in the car) is taking it’s toll on me. I sleep 4-5 hours only. Not enough for recovery. I need to make a plan for this…

Actually I think I need to make a road map for my life the coming year 🙂

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