Holiday in the sun

It’s cold and rainy. The 50 shades of grey is surrounding everything and there’s absolutely nothing sexy about it. I already miss the two weeks of ice cold, Disney like white snow winter we had only 10 days ago. This wet damp cold weather stucks on my throat and lungs and it’s oh so difficult running and breathing at the same time.

Last year we ditched it all. Three weeks in blissful sun. It was paradise. Beaches. Sunsets. Reading book after book after book. Relaxed. I was so relaxed afterwards I didn’t think I’d run again. I was sure I’d lost it. I did bring both shoes and my shock absorber. And I used them. Twice. Three km on a treadmill. I don’t do treadmills. I don’t run indoors. I don’t like it. But running outdoors was not an option. So I only ran twice and then kinda forgot about it. I didn’t even read about running. It was weird. So that’s why we didn’t escaped to paradise this year (right….) I wouldn’t want to forget about my dreams… (Right!) and slack off…


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