Change of tracks. Repeat. 

I have changed careers twice. Or correctly, three times I have been so bored it’s left me with no other choice than leaving. 

I knew quite early I wanted to work with people and make a change. But I believed it’d be as a writer. I have then altered between people and music. Now I feel it again. Time for a change. The problem is that last time I went back to “people” I needed to get on that ladder and climb. And I have. But that also means I have much more to lose. Do I want to start from scratch again? 

  I recently started watching West Wing again, the first season, and I remember how I wanted to work like that. A solid team with beliefs and a common goal. I still want that. But how do you find s group that would fit you. Where you will fit in. I always the oldest now. Never the youngest. If only I could think of somethig that could be a great business idea. I alctally googled “ship cupcakes by mail” and found Youtube videos for it. A vegan cupcake bakery. Changing the eorld one cupcake at the time! 

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  1. Ooo I’ll order some! 😛 I don’t think I’ve even had a vegan cupcake before…haven’t had a cupcake in ages. I wouldn’t mind baking cupcakes for a living. That sounds kind of awesome.

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