Morning run in the city

Accidentally on purpose – I took a different turn and ended up running 7km instead of 5 🙂 The thermometer said 0C but it felt warmer. It’s so different running in a city  than in the country side. At home 0C always feels like -5C because of the winds.

Malmö, Sweden 6am


I was thinking about all the great things to write about today, but now it completly slipped my mind. This weekend tho I will get baking again and have another long run. I hope it won’t be too stormy.

Actually I have noticed a much more friendly attitude from my family regarding vegetarian and vegan food. Yesterday we gathered around a vegan feast and both my husband and one of my brothers said they’re cutting out the (red) meat and my youngest brother said he never cook meat at home. Everyone ate from the minced soyprotein and only a year ago all three would have craved meat afterwards, saying they’re not “full” from veggies only… This deserves a post on it’s own. Not only my family is changing though – you can now buy vegan cinnamon buns from the lokal “7 eleven” kind of store that is at every train station and bigger bus stations. Ikea has veggie balls complementing their meat balls and their cinnamon buns are vegan too I think. A lot of cookies and snacks has always been vegan you just don’t know it because the package doesn’t say it. I think they are afraid that omnivores snd carnivores wouldn’t buy and eat things marked “vegan”. Go figure?!

Have a great Friday everyone!!


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