Sunshine & blue skies

I woke up this morning feeling great. The sun was shining thru the blinders and I just knew it was goin to be a rare beautiful day – 100 shades of grey days are more common this time of the year. 

Anyway, browsing some blogs, runners stores, Twitter and Facebook I stumbled upon Hogwarts Running Club and it turned out they have a virtual race finishing tomorrow. Minimum 5 k – I can do that – and a finishers medal, nicely shaped for The Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run and the proceedings going to charity, warm jackets. Nice. 

I did the virtual Runkeepers Global 5 k last year and I liked being a part of it. Everyone running the same day wherever they are. Now, The Molly Weasley Ugly Jumper Run, wasn’t the same. Noone care about your time. Actually, nobody care if you do it all. You could stay home and read Harry Potter rather than running but still get your finishers medal. What I liked about the Global Run was that you’d get all the facts and statistics afterwards. I guess I am sticking with that. But yes, Mrs Weasley got her 5k whilest I was running 12 hard k. 

The sun and blue sky was fooling me. It was soooo cold outside. Hard to breath and my legs wouldn’t cooperate. I meant to run 23k but had to give up. Another try tomorrow!

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