Valentine’s run (or just another Sunday run)

The ground is very soggy and both socks and shoes are dirty. I like that. Means I have been using them properly. 

14 km could have been 24 if it wasn’t for the fact I was thirsty. I didn’t bring any water with me. I expected a crap run like yesterday but with +3C it was really nice, actually it felt good. I ran faster than I’ve done  earlier this season.  Wish I brought water… I actually brought my head lamp. But didn’t use it. The last 7km, when it was dark, street lights were showing the way. The last kilometer I was talking to my hubby on the phone. Well, he was talking, I was listening 🙂

Much harder was to get up on the scale again (batteries been gone for exactly three months). The very same time frame I have been commuting to my temporarily office by car, 3-4 hours drive each day. I still run but sleep less. I have gained 4 kilograms. Four!!!! This while being vegan and very active running. I eat to stay focused in the car. Dried fruits and nuts mostly. Dates, figs, almonds. I need a new plan!

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