The honeymoon is over

Last weekend I changed batteries in my Withings scale – last time I used it was in November. I had this feeling I didn’t want to know what was going on, but I decided it was time to face up to the real world and get on the scale.
I gained 4 kg. That’s it. F O U R. I knew my jeans weren’t as comfy as before, or actually, they weren’t too big as before. I also think I know the main problems I have:

  1. 3-4 hours in the car each day. I have tricked myself to think I need to fuel while driving to stay awake.
  2. Not enough sleep. 4-5 hours every night, running at least one hour 4-6 times a week. Sleeping 24 hours during the weekend.

I decided to log my food. Lol. I know. It doesn’t have anything to do with the problems really, but it’s what I know how to do. I opened my dear friend MyFitnessPal and decided I needed a fresh start. Erased everything from the past and gave myself a new goal. I also decided to pay for the Premium. Just one month, to try it out. Last I used MFP it was for free… But it did help me so of course they should get paid. Not everything can be free. But it is quite expensive I think.

I have learned the following from 5 days of good diary:

  • I don’t need to eat in the car
  • I don’t need more breakfast than a smoothie with hemp protein
  • Lunch is best home made
  • Chia pudding is the greatest invention of all (maybe next to New York Oreo Cheesecake)

 I have not had any dinner when I come home, instead I make a cup of tea. And I go to bed quite early. Hence I get more sleep. I had an ugly habit of snacking in front of the tv, to stay awake or too keep warm or brighten my mood of what ever.

This week was like this:

Monday – rest day, no running. Smoothie in the car followed by a cup of tea with almond milk. Beans & rice for lunch. Chia pudding (almond milk w/chia and shredded coconut and a little bit of vanilla) around 3pm. Tea with almond milk in the evening. If I am craving something I’ll eat a carrot or a citrus fruit (the blood oranges are perfect now). That sums up to about 1,200 cals. Tuesday – Friday is the same but I start the day with running for an hour. Today I have been treating me with some vegan chocolate, but I refuse to feel guilty 😀

I honestly thought I’d be more tired in the morning. I have been hungry when I go to bed, I admit that, but it’s been alright. I don’t get as much proteins as I should usually, but this way I get more. 

Anyone know what the healthy ratio of carbs/proteins/fat is for a vegan?

I don’t… I have had a blissful time not caring, only eating and running and feeling good about myself. But I guess when the things around you changes, when the routines are changing, so are you. I have been overweight for all of my life so all in all I am still in a very positive and good place. I didn’t drop weight becoming a vegan. Not even when running, but Running gave me that other thing that led to losing weight, shaping up. It’s difficult to describe, but it’s like this peaceful feeling from inside. I am at peace. Maybe it’s age too. Older, wiser and all that. Or it’s just that glowing thing that happens. That everyone talks about. I don’t know what it is. But I like it.

Have a great friday!! 





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