What it’s like to be thankful

This morning I started early even tho it’s Saturday as we had big plans for the rest of the day. 

Crisp winter air, frost everywhere. The sun rising to break the darkness. I start running. It feels great. I am supposed to run 13km. 

After 1.2km I know I have to go, you know… GO. Nature’s calling. I have never had this problem before. There’s a toilet 4km from home but I won’t make it. I won’t make it back home either. There are no where to hide but I think I should go down to the beach side. I know there’s a toilet in the harbour but I am sure it’s closed. It’s 6am and winter. 

I try the door anyway and…. It’s open the extremly clean public toilet is flooded in light. I exhale after renoving my tights. Clean towels,hot water. I am so thankful for the harbour to keep it open during the winter. Afterwards I finished my run and thought about what I’d write in a thank you note to them 🙂

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