I ran 28km today. I was supposed to run 32 or maybe 35 but I was – once again – too cold and too hungry. I had all day layed out for me, nine hours of sleep, four hours of running and then gardening. But it’t too cold out there. 

The run itself was hard. As usual it takes me about 7k before I feel a flow in my strides. Today it was added difficulty by cold weather and heavy fog. Things were eased up by Rob Lowe reading his first book “Stories I Only Tell My Friends”. The way reads it’s like actually having a running buddy who won’t shut up 😀 I like it a lot. 

The cold is slowing me down and I yet have to get my big ass down to the Wednesday runners club to get started on intervals and other wise training methods to improve my speed. 

Now, on with the Saturday!


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