Hungry & spring

I have a few things on my mind. Two are for this blog. The others are for work. Won’t spend my free time on that. 

  When it comes to my long runs on Saturdays – followed by a 10+k on Sunday – I am so hungry after a couple of hours. I eat my Clif bloks, one an hour but I am craving for more and I have noticed an increase in hunger over the weeks too. I read in one of my ultra marathon books that you should focus on losing weight OR focus on training. You can’t do both. I think that’s right, but I still need to shred the pounds/kilos. It’s difficult. Anyway. In the weekdays I start the morning with a glas of water and a coffein tab. I then run. When I come back from my 7-10k I drink a smoothie boosted with hemp protein and kelp. It’s usually enough. 

In the weekend I sleep longer and I am usually awake longer before I go out for the long run (30km) but I still don’t eat more, before. Any advice?


Spring is on my mind All The Time. I need some warmth now. Today I ran 11km in 0C and fog. It’s bone chilling cold. I have had enough.  I need some colour on my Cinderella white seethrough skin. I need to run without the sweat freezing on my skin. Please?? I am so tired of all this grey everywhere. But yes, I am happy it wasn’t windy too!!

Fog is surronding everything.


  1. I am far from being any kind of expert but I have learnt and been told you need cals to exercise even for weight loss so maybe your not getting enough to keep amount of running going. Have you tried myfitnesspal? Anyway keep at it as the weather will change as it is here, and soon winter will be a distant memory 🙂

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    • I hope you’re right about winter 🙂
      I have used MFP from time to time, mostly to get the cals in control. I think it’s a triangual thing with training – cals – sleep. All has to work together.

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