I need a break – Easter holidays coming up

My plan for today, Thursday, was to sleep-run-gardening. 

Wednesday I called my optician “I haven’t been able to use my lenses for 10 days. I can’t see with them, everything is blurry and I could hardly see me in the mirror. I opened new packets and it was the same. Only weird thing I’ve done is running 4 hours in -2C if that’s got anything to do with anything?”

– “come see me tomorrow at lunch” said the nice lady, and while I did protest as I saw my perfect plan going south, I knew I had to go…

So, slept 10 hours. Did’t run. Went to the optician. After one hour of tests and questions she says “you got them wrong. You marked left with right and right with left, one being – and the other +…” I was SO embarrassed. I almost accused myself for faking it so I didn’t have to run. But I didn’t fake it. And I tried the lenses the other way around, but I guess being stressed and sleep deprived it just wouldn’t happen. Hey stupid!

I went home to do at least some gardening. Then shopping. Easter comes with family visiting, I am not eager to entertain. I am dead tired but can’t sleep. My head is spinning and my legs hurts. I’ll set the alarm on 10 am. I have to run. 

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