Sunday for fun run

Alright, weather is no good and it’s too windy but that feeling of actually running grabs you anyway… That’s what happend on my Sunday run. Saturday I meant to run far but stayed inside the greenhouse dotting seeds and reading. I am not in a good spot in general. But Sunday afternoon I felt like myself again and I dressed up, filled my camel bag and went off. I was going to climb the mountain and see the lighthouse!  103m upward. Didn’t do much running to be honest but I loved the freedom, the amazing sights and to be all alone. Give it two weeks and some sun and warmth and this place will be packed with people. Now it was just me. No Service, my phone said. Ok with me. As long as it’s no danger I’m quite relaxed with the No Service.

Anyway, running back down I chose the asphalt road instead and those 3km was so much quicker and not at all so beautiful. All in all I got a nice run of 21km and I am still happy about it!

View of the harbour where I run almost every day


View from the last downhill before going up to the lighthouse. Basically going down 100m to go up 100m again!


The view from the lighthouse


Running back down again


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