Would you rather…

I saw those questions at The Dancing Runner and thought I’d give it a go as my feet are recovering from a 36km run, in the heat of the sun – summer is here…

Run a 5k or a marathon? It gotta be a marathon! I am a slow runner. With a 5k I’d be patetic, with a marathon I still have the “wow” factor consider the distance…

Run without music or run without your GPS? In a race I never listen to anything but I guess all the other runs is with music or a book – I couldn’t run without something to listen to! So music before GPS!

Run a flat race in the heat or a hilly race in the cold? 
Cold wins it! I run better later in the year, after the summer. Hilly is more fun than flat anytime!

Run alone or run with a group for every run of an entire training cycle? I wish I could enjoy a running group – but that’s not me. I run alone. 

Get a new pair of running shoes or a new running outfit for free? Shoes!

Train through winter for a spring race or through summer for a fall race? Last year I ran all summer and it was great. This year I have run all thru winter for my first 50k in June. It felt better in September than it does now to be honest, but you’ll never know. I will have to come back to this question in June! 

Run with a blister the whole time or a side cramp? I never had side cramp so out of ignorance I willpick that. Blisters are hell! Specially intve days to come…

Run on the treadmill for an hour or around the same city block for an hour? Never treadmill. I rather run around a pole for an hour (no I wouldn’t, but almost). I would start walking on a treadmill. You ser the only thing that would make me go on a treadmill is if I can watch something on tv at the same time – but my movement would make it hard to watch, alas I’d walk…

Have a post race beer or post race dessert? Since I became a vegan I hardly drink any more. So I’d say dessert. 

If you could only run one race in a year, a big city race like Chicago or a small, local race? A big race where I wouldn’t end up last… 

How about you? Answer any or all of the running questions!

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