Tapering is a b***h

Traing for this 50k like forever. Up at 4am to get the km’s done before work. Had to change course less than two months ago cause I just didn’t get any rest. Instead of running every day but Monday and Friday I went for Sunday and Wednesday off, and also Monday after running 36 and 44k on Saturday. However, tapering. Cool down. Relax. Almost 30C outdoors. Lying by the pool, reading. 3 days off work. Of course I got sick! Soar throat, runny nose and fever. The race is in five days. I have been worried about the weather, the heat, never this. 

This is, to be honest, the most I have been relaxed since January 2015 when I last had a holiday. I also haven’t been sick at all… But I have been tired and exhausted. 

I feel really sorry for my self now…

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