June 11th. Ultra Marathon Day.

So seriously. Training hard for 5 months. Getting up at 4am to run 7-10 km before driving to the office. Long days. Early nights. The goal being finishing an ultra marathon of 50 km on June 11th. Running five or six days a week. During the weekend usually between 20 and 30 km. Always seeing that vision of me finishing. Actually doing it. The last month, with an incredible heat wave set me off, not prepared at all and I began to think about the possibilities of not making it. Not finish. The doubt set in. My confidence was, so to say, fried. 10 days ago my throat hurt, then there was the sneezing and the runny nose… I got the cold from hell. With fever.

Two things I have learned. Not ever run with fever and I can’t run with hurting throat. 

So, here I am. Far from the wilderness, far from running. Coughing like I was paid to do it and running is, seriously not on my mind. I couldn’t even run if my life depended on it ;(

It’s an experience all right. I know.


  1. You will get another chance, I bet you are looking forward to those 4am starts! Sometimes one has to give in to what the body is saying..


    • Actually yes, at 4am I own the world! And it also keeps me awake for the long drive to work (really good 🙂
      But yes, I will get well and start almost over. I think I have decided that I will run 50 here at home, I don’t need an official competition… It’s the distance that matters!

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