Hussong’s Cantina

I must say this was a pleasant surprise, none I had ever expected to find in Las Vegas. The best frozen Margarita, the best guacemole and by far the best burrito. 

And a full VEGAN menu!!! I was jumping up and down like a kidlook, look a full page of vegan food!!! All of it VEGAN!!!! Can I have…. one of everthing!!!????”
I was recommended Hussong’s by our vegan concierge at the hotel and we walked a long way to get there (walking is good) – to find it you have to go between Mandalay and the Luxor (the Pyramide) on the INSIDE. Anyway, once you’re at either of them just make your way to the other, it’s closer to Mandalay so that’s where I would suggest starting (take the tram if you don’t wish to walk as much in the heat. 

I have never heard of Hussong’s before but I almost feel like I don’t want to travel anywhere if there’s not a chance of a Burrito at Hussong’s. And guacemole – extra spicy. Loved it! 

We went back a couple of days later, after a show, to have our anniversary dinner. We had made other plans from home but since all I talked about was the guacamole, the burrito and lots of margaritas – we changed our plans (as you do), but forgot to check the opening hours (forgetting that New York is the city that never sleeps, not Las Vegas) and they’d already closed. The anniversary meal became nothing but I know what I could have had… 

The original plans we had actually made was having dinner at Encore at hotel Wynn. The manager or owner is aparantly vegan and all the restaurants have a “secret” vegan menu… we never went there but the next time I am sure we will. 

Five stars to Hussong’s!

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