Updating (again)

My last posts were not happy. But I was running and I was eating healthy. I was depressed. I was overworked and underproved (to quote Paul Hollywood) – but now I’ve had all of 16 days off work and a fab holiday. Allthough I am still very tired I have a happy foundation to stand on. 

Everything is so much better in colour than in jet black. 

I will post a few updates. Mostly about vegan food and a little bit of running. And, speaking of running – my life is so much better thanx to running. The speed doesn’t matter. It’s what happens on the inside. Magic. I had one of those days when I just wanted to kick and scream, but instead I went on a treadmill and ran 6km with a heart rate of 140 and when I came off I was fine. Exhausted but fine. I can only compare it with a smoker who needs the nicotine. 

I’ll be alright. I know it in my heart. 

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