2016 in the rear view mirror

It’s been a long year. Up’s and down’s. It’s been a year focused on working and in some ways also surviving. I started this blog to inspire others to start the same kind of journey as I have. Not looking at the beautiful people running come shine or rain but look beyond that and actually starting running myself. Try at least. Surviving 30 seconds, a full Nickelback song, 5 kilometers, 10 kilometers etc until I this summer ran 52 kilometers.The longest so far. in 2017 I am aiming for 90 kilometers – in a competition so I officially can call myself an ultra runner!
Not long after starting running I became a vegan. it’s the right thing for me. I haven’t lost a lot of weight as others do, but I have reached a peace of mind that is stunning, to say the least. I now know that no animal had to die because I wanted to eat. I do know though that are harmed and killed every day anyway and that it probably is a lie in some ways – but knowing I don’t eat any animals makes me calmer. People say I am glowing, but I think it’s because I spend at least one hour five days a week outside sweating – makes wonder for the skin!

But, having running and food in order – what happens when the outside world knocks on your door and demand your actions? Well, at first I was happy. I jumped up and down like a puppy, loving the attention and possibilities. Halfway thru the year the demands shifted again. Maybe not to the most favourable way, but a gigantic challenge. That challenge is what I have wrestled with since. with it came long working hours, hatred and bad atmosphere. 

More than once I have thought about quitting, to get off the madness, but the running kept me floating while the job made me sinking. A battle if any. The stress of what’s happening in the outside world is something else that I just couldn’t get a grip on. There was just not enough energy to go around for me. It depresses me. 

But all in all, it will be alright. I hope. I have a few races planned for 2017. The job situation has to change some how, in some way, cause I will implode otherwise. I need to take care of myself. 

You know when you are thinking “There has to be more in life than working”. 

I know there are now. 

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