To need a break

via Daily Prompt: Pause

Today’s word is “pause”, I just saw it and instantly knew I had to write something special about it. I have been in need of a pause for a very long time now. Since turning 40 it’s like life accelerates, time flies by, without having any time to reflect or enjoy. I worked very hard between 30 and 40 and, with the exception of children I have everything I ever wanted. Everything I value very highly. What is important is different to every each one of us, but I think I have ticked all my boxes. Including a few boxes I never would have guessed possible. So far, so good. Now I want to enjoy it. I want to breath in the fresh air from my country-/seaside house, enjoy the parties and travel long distances. But nope. Tired. All the time. Tired. Maintaining the success is perhaps more difficult than it was getting it. I have more than once wished to get off, to leave it behind.

to press PAUSE. 


Smell the flowers.

Look at the stars.

Talk to a friend.

Listen to a friend. 

This is the life we are given – and I am so fortunated in many ways – but I would love to have the possibility to pause it once in a while.


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