Bronchities is the downfall of me

I have been far too irritated and sad to write. After coming home from the Brighton Marathon I took it easy a couple of days before I went out for one of my regular mornings runs. It felt good, but very cold. Too cold it would turn out. I breathed cold air and my bronchitis went infected… that was 8 weeks ago. I have had a few slow runs since, but nothing worth mentioning here  (see other posts!). Yesterday, home from a three week long holiday I went to the doctor who said it might be an allergy… I told him “I don’t think so…” and poped the magic question “will I ever be able to train for the ultra marathon in August???” He was confident he would have me up and running in no time, he even offered me a time to see a nurse specialised in breathing.

Today I have been for an xray of my lungs and got a date for the nurse – August 21, two days AFTER the race. I am beaten.

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