Why am I fat (again)?

So, that’s the main question. It’s out there. In a few weeks I have been a vegan for three years. The first months I dropped kilos as it was pixie dust. Don’t know if it was the non dairy/no egg that di it or the running. I will opt on the running. I still run. I still eat healthy. But I feel big. Uncomfortable. I am in good shape. I ran 61 km last weekend and I could have done a lot more if it wasn’t for the rain (read previous post, I won’t repeat myself). But, since I have no race planned until April 2018 I have a few months to actually do something about it.

  1. get batteries for the scale
  2. get on the damn scale.

…and freak out!! Cause seriously, I never once thought it was THIS BAD!!! How can it be?? I eat healthy. I don’t eat sweets. I hardly ever drink any alcohol. I am not a snacks person. But I do like baked goods. And the NO DAIRY BEN&JERRY finally arrived in Sweden so, yes, I fell straight back into my old habits. I missed them so much. My old habits. And the B&J tub. But that alone can’t have made me gain all this weight. All though, I did split with my non-vegan hubby and he’s chubby too. 

I have had a turbulent year, not much sleeping, a lot of negativity. It’s been difficult. I read some article that’s impossible to lose weight if you’re stressed. I am sure it’s right. At least it would explain some of the weight. Cause I have been running. Except when I had the never ending throat ulcer. 9 weeks of doing nothing. But I slept.

So, anyway, googling vegan and weightloss I stumbled upon this article by Lindsay Nixon (Happy Herbivore). About how we think it’s ok to eat without limits, to overeat. I mean, I have always been overeating, no matter what I have been eating; but as a vegan it was as if it’s okay – there’s basically no calories in anything from the plants…. The article is called Not Losing Weight on a Plant-Based (Vegan) Diet? Here’s Why (How to Lose Weight) and WOW, I know Lindsay has had a mob after her a few years ago, upset herbivores who didn’t like her becoming so thin. But I need to lose weight, I need to run faster. I need to get control of how much I eat. I can’t let this ruin it for me.

  1. Activate MyFitnessPal
  2. Connect MyFitnessPal and Garmin Connect (still doesn’t work. Crap).
  3. Consider signing up for meal plans at MealMentor.
  4. Signing up for a free week.

The next 4 months will be strict. I have a lot of work related travelling to do so it will be a struggle. BUT as long as I am prepared, it will be fine.Just fine.


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