Amazing vegan progress

This week I went on a day long meeting with lunch included. As per usual I’d tell the staff I am vegan and that I have mentioned this upon signing up.

– No problem, the man tells me. Everything is vegan today.

– Really, I ask, with lots of hesitations in my voice.

– yes, yes, the waiter says.

– but this butter, surely it’s not vegan?

– no, it’s right, it’s not vegan but the bread is.

– ok, I smile at him (doubting very much that the bread is ok to eat).

But then the food arrives. Tomato and spinach sallad to start with, followed by stuffed red peppers. The stuffing? Rice and green lentils. Served in a very tasty tomato sauce.

Everyone around me is looking at their plates, is this it?? Some look happy and others are more stunned… and I thank the waiter for not having any animals killed for this lunch.

Amazing. Very daring. Very progressive.



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