Who Am I?

I was born late 1972. In 2014 I turned 42. Everyone knows 42 is the answer and I was expecting greatness from the year to come. Usually, I must admit, I tend to sit and wait for things to happen. But not this time. This time I was getting up and DOING it.

Not for a second did I think it was a coincident that I wanted to run 42K.

A marathon.

This is the trail I start running most of the times. It’s straight of for 4,5km. 

Only I never ran before.

Actually, before June 2014 I never ran for anything less than a bus or train. This blog is about that year I began to run but also the year that led up to it – and everything that followed. Believe it; if I can run, you can run. However I wouldn’t believed anyone saying that to me. I have to do it myself.
You’ll see.

This is about 42 years and 42 kilometers, and one or two things in between and after!

I found hard rock and metal when I was 10 years old and it’s taken a big share of my life so far. I listen to music and audiobooks when I run. I listen to podcasts when I travel and in my car. I also spend a huge part of my time awake thinking of what John Sykes might do, as he’s missed in action since 2009 with a breather in 2014.

I bake a lot and turning vegan from being a vegetarian for 15 years sent me back to scratch. I have learned a lot… You’ll see. Plant power is da shit.

Oh, and I read a lot of ultra marathon pornography 🙂 I’ll add them to the book section.


  1. Hi there! a lot in common, I’m a bit older (mid 40’s), also turned vegan after nearly 15 yrs af vegetarian. Like rock and metal too (although more prog rock/metal).
    No running nor marathons here though 😉
    greets from belgium, trudi

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