Soundtrack of my life

Music is such a big part of my Life, always been. From the first ABBA song I heard when I was 2 years old to the latest release by Nordic Union. I have tried to make this list in some kind of order of how and when I discovered them, but of course it’s difficult to say one is better than the other. I have periods when I listen to nothing but Rick Springfield, or John Waite or Nickelback’s “Dark Horse”. Recently I listen to Eclipse  – but I then fall back into the Comfort of Pretty Maids or Phil Lynott.


This is the soundtrack of my Life…

John Waite – In Dreams, John Lennon – Imagine, Poison – “Cry Tough”, Thin Lizzy – “Dancing In The Moonlight”, “Phil Lynott – “Dear Ms Lonely Hearts”, Pretty Maids – “Waiting For The Time”, “Savage heart” and “Little Drops Of Heaven”, John Sykes & Phil Lynott – “Please Don’t Leave Me”, WASP – “Forever Free”, “Kiss – “Black Diamond”, Rick Springfield – “One Reason (to Believe)”, Paul Laine “My Hometown”, Ozzy Osbourne – “Crazy Train” and “Shot In The Dark”, Ian Gillan “Loving On Borrowed Time”, Paul Stanley – “Live To Win”, Mötley Crüe – “Kickstart My heart”, Blue Murder – “Jelly Roll”, Talisman – “I’ll Be Waiting”, Dio – “Hungry For Heaven”, Queen – “Crazy Little Thing Called Love”, Gary Moore – “Out In The Fields”, Whitesnake “Crying In The Rain”, Pantera – “This Love”, Danger Danger – “Afraid Of Love”, Hinder – “Bliss (I Don’t Wanna Know)”, Heartland – “All Her Own Way”, Eclipse – “Bleed & Scream”

Kiss – Lick It Up and Animalize changed my life. Turned me into a rocker. No looking back. I had my walls and celing covered in posters of the bandmembers and as far as I remember none of them with the make-up on. I was the first unmasked fan generation! My love for Kiss changed with the death of Eric Carr (passed away Nov 24, 1991). I still love Revenge (1992) but the band turned a different direction after that and the make-up came on… I guess we grew apart. Still, hearing the old tracks and talking about the old days makes me remember it all. I am forever grateful!

Phil Lynott & Thin Lizzy – I discovered them about the same time as Kiss, in 1982. I was almost 10 years old when I heard Thunder & Lightning in school and was in awe. That was the last album Thin Lizzy did and while I discovered their back catalogue and all the other bands out there, still releasing albums Thin Lizzy weren’t my main focus. Phil Lynott passed away on Jan 4, 1986 and I spent so much time after that trying to get to know him tru the other musicians he played with. 10 years after his death most of the remaining Thin Lizzy members gathered at The Point in Dublin. This may have been the highlight of my life.

Poison – Look What The Cat Dragged In. “They look like girls” Oh, those days when I had to defend my choice of music daily. But the thing is, I really loved Poison and I still today feel the power of “Cry Tough” and “Ride The Wind”. Bret Michaels did replace a lot of my Kiss posters to be honest. I read RIP Magazine and had over 100 A4 posters of him on my bedroom wall at one Point. Crazy? Teenager? Same thing, really!

Pretty Maids – Danish band I came to love after hearing their 2nd album “Future World”. To me they are the perfect combination of the 70s and the 80s with, recently, a hint of the 90s and the personality of originality. This is without doubt the band I listen to the most. Watch this video of Heart Without a Home to get a dose of beautiful music.

John Waite – I found the entire world of AOR thanks to John Waite. His “Missing You” changed everything for me. His album “Temple Bar” contains the best song ever written “In Dreams”. Interesting fact is that I never would have known about Steve Perry & Journey if it wasn’t for John Waite. I had all of his albums and was asking at a record fair if they had something similar to John Waite and the Babys and I was given Steve Perry’s Street Talk. The rest is, as they say, history. But I still keep JW on the top of my list, listen to If You Ever Get Lonely if you need to be convinced.

Ian Gillan & Deep Purple -I never liked Deep Purple (or Black Sabbath or Led Zeppelin). Now I said it. Move on. I Went to see Ian Gillan solo with a friend who was a fan and I liked the support act Helix, from Canada. I came out from the concert as a born again follower. I fell in love with Ian Gillan’s voice and music and there was no turning back. I bought the entire back catalouge and became a collector. Making sure it was Ian Gillan or Ian Gillan band. Never Deep Purple. Deep Purple was for old people. You know those over 30 years old. With life experience. Feels like a lifetime ago. After listening to everything Gillan done solo I went over to Deep Purple, but not until Ian Gillan did too… That’s how I became a DP-fan!

John Sykes – My soft spot and obsession. I love him in Lizzy but adore him solo. Two years ago (Jan 2014) this sample was posted, but still no new album. Here’s a rather cute video made by a fan.

….to be continued!