TV-shows that influenced me

As I started on the “soundtrack to my life” page I realised that some tv-shows have had quite a big impact on me too. Something you never really talk about. But it became even more clear when I decided to watch “West Wing again (totally influenced by the US elections). I was transported back in time and fell in love with Josh Lyman once again (something I completely forgot – but it would explain why I’m always so happy when he shows up the tv or screen) and I remembered how I knew I was a “Donna” but wanted to be “CJ”. Something to thrive for. Two years ago I even applied for a job as Chief of staff – knowing I wouldn’t be as great as “Leo Mc Garry” (RIP John Spencer 1946-2005) but maybe I could do as “CJ”… I didn’t get the job, I think you need more experience than watching a tv-show, or rather romantic dreams of a tv-show. I wasn’t even called for an interview. Anyway. “West Wing” had a huge impact on me. I wanted to have that passion and drive in my work, a team working together. day and night. Best friends and still amazing at their job.

Long before that it was “Beverly Hills 90210“. Whenever Brenda and Dylan had a rough path I kinda had the same thing with my then boyfriend. When they broke up, at the sound of “Losing My Religion” I broke up with my boyfriend too. Dylan was the coolest ever. The only one who’d sneak in among my rockers idols. Probably the only actor I ever had a photo of, anywhere.

But, I think “Sex & The City” was more on the spot. They were slightly older than I (ten years or so), they had the experience I wanted. They lived in a big city and were on/off singles. I lived in a city, I was single. I was dating. I had the time of my life. I was working, I had (some) money. I wasn’t “Carrie” as much as “Miranda” but I think I was a crossover from all of them. However, it was “Carrie” I sympathised the most with. She could easily be my friend. I wanted to be a writer then, I still hadn’t given up on that idea. And I lived alone with someone else cats. I was on team Big. I never like that Aiden tried to domesticate “Carrie” and I was quite sure what I was looking for. “Sex & The City” meant a lot for me. I found my Mr Big about the same time the show finished for good. I left the big city – didn’t even come near suburbia but straight onto the countryside. I would have needed “Carrie” then.

My So-Called Life” was another show that I have seen many times, it’s never on re-runs here, but I have the complete dvd-box. Jared Leto won me over right away and Claire Danes too. “Angela” and “Jordan Catalano” must be one of those couples you never forget once you have seen them. I always think that “Homeland” is a good career for “Angela”, it could be her as grown up. Would explain a lot of “Carries” behaviour… Wouldn’t it be great if Jared Leto came into the show and swept her off her feet as a rock musician? 🙂

This Life” was a fantastic british show form mid 90s that I loved. I was at University and still had no clue on what to do when I finished. I didn’t end up a lawyer, I didn’t even end up sharing house with others, but still I loved it. So much more realistic than any of the other shows. That evil blonde woman – she’s everywhere – and all the fuck-ups you do even though you shouldn’t – scottish “Anna” (Daniela Nardini) really made me cut down the drinking – and I still hardly ever drink alcohol when I’m with co-workers (true, not ever at after works or two days seminars with sleepover where everyone seem to have a green card for drinking).

I have to mention “Dexter” too, I still miss him. I want to go to Alaska to find him.