I now know when it’t time to get a new pair of runners tights. Now. 

My dear Skin Thermal compression thights (bought in december 2014, used for almost 2 seasons) had a seam that gave up on the inside of the tigh… I tell you, first I didn’t think much about it but standing in the shower after the run I knew I paid a price for those miles, a blood blister. A hurting blister. 

I have ordered a new pair but I guess I will finish this week without compression – or my summer compressions with a pair of regular tights on top. 

On the brights side – the moon followed me once again and the reflektions in the sea were magical. I only met one person, walking his three dogs, the rest of the time the world were mine! (Or so it felt)
Ps. Foot didn’t hurt at all and I ran for (red) using Charity Miles. Join us at team #VeganRunners

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