So much to write…

…so little time! Not much changed, I still work too much, sleep too little and run far too slow đź’š But the good thong is that since I came back from the holiday in Thailand I have been interested in food again! I am cooking great meals – if I may say so. It all began with a cooking class. 

I have since cooked real food, no short cuts, and I am making my own tofu. So simple – yet, never crossed my mind before!! Anyway, if I’ll ever get some time, I will write and show photos!! 

Spring is around the cornet, but yet has to arrive. I run 10k three times a week and once 20k. But only in theory. I guess what I really do is four times 10k. It’s the weekend that is so hard to get out and run. I read a book by Marie Kondo, the KonMari-method about saying thank you to your old stuff and toss them away, guiltfree. It’s also about folding and storing, something that really appeal to me. I have so far thrown away 4 black bin bags of fabric (clothes, bed linen, towels), felt sooo good. But I am only beginning. There might be a few posts about it too, who knows?! 

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