Packed and ready to go!

My bag is packed. 2/3 is running gear 1/5 is ordinary stuff and shampoo, nailpolish and make up. I am off to another country to run a marathon. My first marathon in 1,5 years. My second marathon ever. Ever

Nervous? Yes, maybe. Nervous that I won’t make it in time. I am such a slow runner. Really slow runner. That funny slogan about a herd of turtles in peanutbutter, that’s me, that is how slow I am. Last time I was in the best shape ever. I looked good, felt good. Today I feel fat and silly. But I try to visualize anyway. Me and the medal. Finishers T-shirt. Selfie. Boasting on the vegan runner group of facebook… fake it til you make it. Kinda. Believe and it will happen. 

I can do it. 

I can. 

I wish. 

I can. 

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