Born To Run


I have longed to read Born To Run. It was such a hype when it was released and every (running) book released after has a reference to it. I first bought it in Swedish, didnt like it at all. Poor translation, lack of flow etc. Got it in English and realised it was a journalist writing it, as an article, or more truthfull, several articles. Filled with facts, history, knowledge and curiosity. Everything I didnt know I needed to know.

I was disapointed at first but since I read it in one day, I think I forgot to process what I had read. The book grew on me and I am sure I will go back to it as a reference. As a problem solver. It is a great read. For anyone, really. Scott Jurek is amazing. That’s what I dream about now. Having dinner with Scott Jurek. Ask him a zillion questions and maybe, just maybe some of his pureness will rub off.
Just a little bit.

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