So, Matt Frazier @nomeatathlete is one of my most significant rolemodels when it comes to running and eating plants. He made me believe I could do it. So I did it. 

Now Matt is challenging us on a oil free month, the shortest in fact, february. I don’t really see the benefits of it yet, but I will read and get back to you. I am thinking, I could do it as in not adding any oil to what I eat, but to exclude it completly as it was cow milk or egg… Nah, that is how I ended up with eating disorders. I believe you need fat. Excluding sugar would be far more healthy as well as difficult – sugar is everywhere, added to everything. 

February will see me excluding added oil and sugar + at least twice go swimming. I need it and like it. It’s healthy and I just have to get over how unhealthy I think public swim arenas are. It wasn’t until we got ourself a seimmingpool that I realized how crappy the public ones were… Ignorace is a bliss, I keep saying. 

pool in the summer

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