Album of the year

If Pretty Maids doesn’t release an album in 2016 and John Sykes is still M I A the best album of 2016 was released today

Nordic Union. Text and music by Erik Mårtensson from Eclipse and vocals by Ronnie Atkins from Pretty Maids. Sweden and Denmark never been this good together since, I don’t know, King Diamond? Mercyful Fate

I have been blessed with a promo copy and have listened to NU for two months already and some of the songs are instant hits while others grows on you. My favorites are The War Has Begun and When Death Is Calling. 

Pretty Maids is my absolute favorite band that still are touring and Eclipse is one of the few new bands I like. A mix of both could be leathal. But it turned out, it’s not. It sounds like Eclipse more than Pretty Maids and what is so charactaristic about Ronnie Atkins’ voice doesn’t come tru as well as I would have hoped – and feared. My biggest fear was that the album would be the best of Pretty Maids and the best of Eclipse, the album would then be better than both, right? But it’s not. It’s better than Eclipse’s Armagedonize but not better than Scream and Bleed nor any of the PM albums. Still. Yet. This is a fab album and I have it on repeat while running. 

Behind Nordic Union in the picture above is the new Avantasia album, also released today. Ronnie Atkins sings on most of the songs on it. I haven’t heard it yet, so the review will have to wait. 

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